Raytheon Gaming Could Definitely Happen

Raytheon Gaming could definitely happen.

Today as I malingered through my work, checking on email lists, and reviewing my annual advertising budget, I was notified of something truly satirical. TheHardTimes.Net made a Raytheon Gaming account on Twitter as a joke to point out how big corporate brands are continuously trying to prey on young and impressionable gamers. Before I could even get to their Twitter profile they were banned!

This is art.

Let’s dissect this for a quick moment. As of late professionally playing video games whether as a streamer, a vlogger, or a competitive pro has become very popular and even mainstream. Hell, I saw professional Overwatch on broadcast television the other day! So like anything the kids are into these days, some corporate overlord or more accurately, every trend jacking marketing team is attempting to infiltrate this culture and profit off of it. This has lead to some stupid shit. For those of you who don’t know, a lot of different tech brands sponsor esports teams! Brands like Corsair, Alienware, and Curse actively sponsor gamers and esports team because they make tech for gaming. Curse even had some esports teams back in the day! But now you have brands that it seems a little interesting that they are suddenly very gung ho about the pro-gaming.

Schools like Assumption College in Worcester mass are rumored to be dropping some serious coin on an esports gaming center! That’s nuts, and this isn’t for like game design or programming it’s for playing the game at a pro level, as an athletics center. Not totally crazy considering the career prospects that come from it! I actually met a guy who went to AssCo and is a pro gamer, Heroes of The Storm all-star Khroen! Great guy btw. Then you have the US military, who I’ve seen two years in a row at PAX East. They are constantly trying to generate interest and keep recruitment numbers up. The worlds on fire so I can see why they’re so incentivized to have young people with experience in simulated apocalyptic and fantasy combat. But ads like this are just… cringe.

O and there is this gem from the Brits!

Even Raytheon themselves are involved with a young impressionable demographic of gamers. Just look at how they talk about their cyber defense program! “Let the cyber games begin?” what dystopian YA novel is this?

Needless to say, a lot of people are getting on the pro-gaming hype train. Everyone wants their slice of the pie, so when TheHardTimes.Net made fun of people for it they picked Raytheon, the largest(maybe?) US Defense contractor as the main sponsor of a (satirically fake) new Esports team Raytheon Gaming. And like anything too powerful for the gaming world, it was hit with the ole Ban Hammer. More than likely for using Raytheon’s brand without permission. Or more likely, for accidentally leaking Raytheon’s plans to start an esports team. Both of these possibilities are equally likely TBH, and all I’m saying is that Raytheon Gaming could definitely happen. Thanks for reading, I’m gonna try and do shorter content like this. Maybe Barstool or Buzzfeed will hire me then! Oh and here is a gem of a tweet from the illustrious Raytheon Gaming.

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