Meet The Author… Blogger… Hi I’m Tim!

Hi, I’m Tim! I’m a Media and Marketing professional from Southern Mass, and I write on this little blog Timwittedgenius! I’m 1 of 6 kids, I’m 24 as of writing this profile on myself, and I really dig writing and digital media.

I fell in love with writing at the end of middle school and during highschool. I fell in love with Communications and Media in college. So here I am a man hopelessly in love with two intangible disciplines of human ability trying desperately to gain your attention.

The goal of this project is for me to return to what made me so great at what I do. I’ve always found that when you challenge yourself, you grow. This past year every time I challenged myself in one way or the other I became so much better, and I felt better. I use to write all the time, just because I could. So now I’m writing again, because I can, and because I need to challenge myself and grow.

For the sake of ease, I’m gonna write about a lot of stuff, things I like, things I don’t like. I will at one moment discuss the cultural and industry impact of video games like Bioshock and Fortnite, to tearing the online publication The Odyssey Online limb from limb, to reviews about the latest Riverdale episode or old Friends episode, and even on into discussing new technology like Augmented Reality, and Hemp based products.

At the end of the day, I’m kind of a dimwit with some, yes some, genuine moments of genius. Lol fuck that, the blog is named TimwittedGenius cuz when I was finishing my senior year of highschool my older brother had to explain to me what the word Mandingo means and why that couldn’t be my twitter handle! So I went with a clever play on words “@TimwittedGenius” for my twitter handle. So My blog and my twitter handle are the same names because that’s just good branding!

Thank you for enjoying this fever dream of a personal profile.