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Raytheon Gaming Could Definitely Happen

Raytheon Gaming could definitely happen. Today as I malingered through my work, checking on email lists, and reviewing my annual advertising budget, I was notified of something truly satirical. TheHardTimes.Net made a Raytheon Gaming account on Twitter as a joke to point out how big corporate brands are continuously trying to prey on young and

I Fucking Love Deadly Class

I fucking love Deadly Class. There I said it! All out in the open, getting really raw with my emotions and controversial with my opinions on television media! Oh, wait, nope this is neither raw nor controversial… this is just gonna be my review of Season one of SyFy’s comic book converted to tv interpretation

An Awfully Good Game: A Defense of League Of Legends And My Return To It

I have returned to League Of Legends. To my sponsor Sean I’d like to apologize to you. You’ve worked really hard to keep me clean of this evil game and I’ve failed you and myself. Insensitive addiction jokes aside, I have picked up a videogame I haven’t played in a long while. League Of Legends

French Fries: A Contentious Debate

French Fries: A Contentious Debate So I’ve been on hiatus from writing, the other 2 pieces I’m publishing today will no doubt also mention this! But honestly, this piece right here, is what got me to get back to working on my blog! I hope it was worth it! So, pardon my French but I’m

Adventure Time and Endings

So I just finished Adventure Time, formerly one of the primetime lineup slots and most successful animated series running on Cartoon Network. If it is quite alright with you all, I’d like to discuss it for just a moment. Yes it is a cartoon, and one could argue that cartoons are for kids, so if