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Poutine: a Ballad of Love and Regret.

Poutine: a Ballad of Love and Regret. For the sake of narrative- A brief yet stirring history of Poutine By: Timothy Murphy May contain falsehoods. It was a brisk and bright Canadian autumn day in the small town of Warwick Quebec, the year was 1957. Enter Jean “Poutine” Le Poute, a man from northern Quebec

Bee Movie 2: Bumblebee and Hailee Steinfeld’s Forbidden Romance

Uh… weird day here folks. Doing a reaction piece is new to me but here we go, HOT TAKES ONLY! As I began my workday I like to see what’s trending on social media, maybe see if I can’t trend jack something and get my company some attention in the digital sphere. Today I was